Regional Block


The Regional Block when it was newly built, early in the 1900s (the photograph is a photocopy of the original, courtesy of Mr. Uli Malisius, residing in Bagamoyo).


The Regional Block as it looks today (Beside tennis ground near Tanga Library). Note the changes made to the roof. The original two conical facades have been cut and the orignal tiled roof has been completely replaced by an iron sheet roof.


Historically, the Regional Block has been the seat of the regional administration. It was built by the Germans in the first decade of 1900s to be the seat of the Tanga Provisional Administration. The British continued the tradition during their rule. After independence, the block remained the regional administration seat until 1999 when it was shifted to the former NBC building at Gofu. Thereafter until present, the primary court, which was housed at the Usambara Courthouse, has moved in. So have others such as the Prison Department.


The Regional Block is, historically, an important asset and architecturally, a significant part of the town’s heritage and one of the key historical buildings in Tanga

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